Friday, April 8, 2011

Music Education: Do I Need a Curriculum?

Today, I am seeking advice as well as writing a quick post. I believe most children are born singing,even babies seem to babble to a tune at times. My children, all three of them, will often sing as they work. Yes, three young children, singing different tunes, at different volumes, at different times. Yes, I sometimes need tylenol to get through my day. Be that as it may, I love that they have so much joy in their heart, that they want to share it with the world.
Last year we used a wonderful book and CD that introduced the children the composers, styles and time periods. (The book is upstairs, so I will share the title later.) They were quite enraptured with baroque music and some classical. It was something I could share with them, a passion of mine.
Still, I felt like we were missing something. I really wanted us to sing as a family, to learn how to read music (which both my husband and I can do) and get involved in composing. So, here I sit, almost a full year after I had this brilliant idea, no music program or curriculum to help us reach our goal.

Do you have any suggestions? Ideas for websites, DVD's or other resources? We live and work at SUNY Fredonia, which has an excellent school of Music, so that is one resource but I am looking for others.
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