Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food for Thought Tuesday- Community Supported Agriculture

As a UU family, we discuss how we care for the earth, and our community. One way for us to do this is through Community Supported Agriculture, otherwise known as a CSA. You can find a local CSA by visiting the link.
There are many benefits to buying a share from your local CSA. As part of our curriculum, I will ask my girls to give their reasons for why.


  1. We also have made the CSA a part of our curriculum. It has been nice to have something more "large scale" than our tiny garden!

    Incidentally, if anyone is in our area (Natick MA) our church has had a CSA buying group (we share pick-up) with a farm to the west of us and would love some interested fmailies...

  2. I helped care the grounds of a women who was part of a CSA, I was maybe 12 at the time, and I thought she was crazy- who gets all these beets? Who eats beats? I didn't know she was part of a CSA. Now, I am the crazy woman trying to give away my beets.

  3. Well...yeah... There is the beet problem...