Merry Meet! Welcome to my Math page. My children use several resources as well as plenty of life lessons for their math.

I began studying Maria Montessori and her approach to learning and children in the Fall of 2009. Her work really inspired me to look at how we teach Math and ways to incorporate her approach into our learning. I will expand on this in the coming weeks.

Currently, we use a hands on approach based on Hands on Standards Grades 1-2, 3-4. Hands on Standards is based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics research and work. We really enjoy the lessons and we often expand on them by incorporating the concepts into our cooking, shopping and adventures out in the world. We also use a website based math program to check their understanding of concepts and assess their learning. IXL has been a fun and easy resource for the kids and doesn't require my sitting with them while they work, I really like that they can work independently. The site is fairly inexpensive and I like that they email with a weekly progress report.

We do pencil and paper work as well as hands on, as I feel the practice is important.