Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Education Reform: What Reform Would That Be?

During a townhall meeeting, President Obama was asked to address education.

2:41pm- EDUCATION QUESTION: Zuckerberg praises “Race to the Top” program. Used to be the Left saying more money and the Right saying let’s blow up the system, Obama says. We took 1% of total spending on education, to get it show us you’re reforming education, Obama says. Every state and school district could apply. You have to measure with data, he says. Over 40 states in the process of competing ended up initiating some of the most meaningful reforms in a generation, he says. Even those that didn’t win the competition. That’s a creative approach some Democrats and Republicans support. The most important thing to make a good education is having a good teacher. Recruiting, providing compensation and good data are important. Not just standardized tests, but real good data you can present to the teacher and say this child is falling behind.

What meaningful reform was done? States competing for education funding is not reform.
At least he got on area correct, having good teachers is important!

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