Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter: A UU Story

As a Unitarian Universalist homeschooling family, we, much like many other religious homeschoolers, celebrate important holy-days, special seasons and do so in a way that makes sense to our family.

In a discussion group that I participate in, we have been discussing Jesus. The Easter Story is a story of life after death, the resurection but as a UU, what meaning does that have for us? So, I began searching for a story for the children that helped to give the sense of Jesus's life and death. I found this. I found it on a blog but it is originally from Jim Wallace.

I also purchased a Tomi DePaolo book,Easter. I have become a fan of his stories in the last year, and have used many of his books in our homeschooling. We also found a stained glass coloring book of Jesus, so we will use the pictures as a jumping off point to discuss the parables.

The Wiki link is actually fairly decent, especially if you are curious as to what titles he has written.

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