Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day in the Life Of a UU Homeschooling Family

Today is Friday April 22, Good Friday
8:15 wake up and make breakfast- the kids are already up, but they let me lay in bed for a few extra minutes
Kids watch tv
I make breakfast, today we tried Crepes. They turned out pretty good and the kids said they were ok

8:30 Eating breakfast, the kids are watching Dragon Tales
I browse the webs, checking facebook, replying to emails

9:15 We decide to take the morning off of school and instead pick up the house
The kids actually got right to work, one dusting, one washing, one sweeping

11:00 We are almost done with chores, just the bathroom is left

11:30 Kids declare they are hungry, we wrap up a minor search for Gillian's lost sandal. Mission accomplished
Time to make lunch

11:40 The girls cut up colby cheese, and oranges

12:30 Mommy declares "rest time" and the girls head to their room for reading, listening to music and small projects. Today I heard them discussing "farts". Oh dear, fart humor already, I try my best to ignore it.
Mommy watches a documentary, today
I know some people probably find the girls too old for rest time, but I find it makes our afternoons more calm since we have all taken time to relax

2:00- Rest time over
We finish the bathroom

3:00 The girls grab a snack, today they are having sugar cookies we made yesterday. They ask to watch the King and I. They have become very interested in musicals in the last few weeks.

Today we discussed the following:
Overtures- what is an overture, why was it used?
Easter Plans- ingredients for our cake, rolls and what to make Grandma Finch who has celiacs

While today wasn't officially academic in anyway, we still learned a lot. We won't count today as an official attendance day, mainly due to fulfilling our commitment already but today was pretty typical of our life.

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