Thursday, April 28, 2011

Montessori Inspired Activities

Studying and Labeling the Parts of a Plant

Scissors either vegetable sheers, garden or household
Flowers or herbs

Before gathering the flowers, show the children how to cut a flower close to the root or if you are wanting only part of the herb, show them how to snip off just a part. With the children, gather flowers or herbs to use in identification project. Place the flowers into a basket.(You may want to remind the children that they need to ask permission before cutting flowers from the garden.)

Once collected, place the flowers/herbs into a vase. A clear glass vase or jar works well, as it allows the child to see the stem as well as the flower. Encourage the children to observe the flower. You can also show them how to use a mirror to reflect the flower, this makes for a nice painting activity.

Later in the day or the following day, introduce the part of a flower cards. Lakeshore Learning has the above set, which I purchased. Using the stamp and a good resource book, help the children to identify the parts of the flower/herb, with their herb.

The next day, explain that you will now slowly dissect the flower to get a closer look at the parts. You could do this activity before the labeling activity. I prefer a more concrete approach before the more abstract activity but they can be interchanged based on the child.

This is a great activity to do throughout the year, as the flowers begin to emerge, as they flower and as they die away.

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