Friday, January 28, 2011

Week Lesson Plans: Holidays

When planning lessons, I try my best to avoid "tourist curriculum", which is based on the idea that when we plan lessons around one single holiday in a culture, it gives the child a false sense of the true rich culture that the holiday is part of. (sorry for the ending of that sentence). Instead we attempt to learn about different cultures and traditions by reading, study and investigating throughout the year, which brings me to Ground Hog Day, Brigid's Day, and the Chinese New Year.

Last year we focused on different cultures and religions, so I feel like we have some basis to discuss the following topics but we will tread lightly, as I don't want the children to get the wrong impression. Ideally, I would have loved to take the girls to NYC to experience the New Year or have found a local family willing to share what the day means to them but time has really gotten away from me lately.

Ground Hog Day- We will read
Superstitions, lucky charms, folk lore

Brigid's Day

Chinese New Year-
We have several resources, mostly books. I am looking for a dvd/movie-
You can sign up as homeschooler with PBS teachers and get activity packs.

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