Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 of Snow, Birds and Spelling Tests

This week we wrapped up our official birding lessons, with plans to continue watching our feeders and noting any birds. Sadly, our only real observation was of crows. Don't get me wrong, Crows are great, but we had hoped to see other birds as well. I know it takes time for the birds to know that we will feed them, so having found our binoculars, we will continue our look-out for them.

We also had a fair amount of snow this week, which for us, mean't extra viewing of documentaries. We began by watching Art City, which was a behind the scenes look at current artists. I had to skip one of the artists due to content, while I don't censor everything the girls watch, I do avoid certain language or content that isn't age appropriate. Still it was interesting, Bella was concerned about an artist creating a picture, then destroying it. She couldn't understand why you would want to destroy your art.

A new science kit arrived in the mail, which saved us from getting too much cabin fever, and we began our investigation of Triops. The girls are quite excited about this and are looking forward to them hatching. Bella said, "we have ancient history in our kitchen."

And we wrapped up our week by having an old fashioned spelling bee, though a relaxed form as I gave the girls several chances to spell the word before giving it to their sister. This went over well, and was rather fun.

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