Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4 Lesson Plans, The Animal Investigation Continues

We strive to follow their lead, to find balance, to go with the flow and this week it has taken us back to Week 3.

We are continuing to investigate animals. And rather than prepare lessons we will not get to, I will do reverse planning, which is where you write down what you did. I really like this approach, but it takes a lot of trust on the part of the parent. I have to trust that the children will learn and grow as they should and that their plan is as valid as my plan.

To that end, the girls wanted to learn more about bears, so today we read Bears.

We also worked on math. Division for Bella and Base Ten for Gillian.
Using the hands on approach, Bella used chips to create a visual representation of 2/4, 6, 8, 10, 3, 5. She also learned about remainders.
Gillian after working for the last six months, she "got it" and was able to turn numbers in groups of tens/ones.
While the math was a planned thing, based on a lesson in a book, we also built off of the original plan by creating our own worksheets.

We read Words are Not for Hurting, as part of our social/emotional/spiritual component. We discussed how once our words leave our mouth, they are hard to take back. Yes, you can say your sorry, apologize and be sincere in your remorse but it doesn't change the fact that you hurt someone.

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