Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dr. Martin Luther King

I apologize, I mean't to post about what we are doing to remember Dr. King's work but time got away from me- so here it is. (Maybe it will be helpful for planning for next year?)

If you haven't visited Teaching Tolerance, please do. They have many great resources you can sign up for for free. Here is an article on Jim Crow Today.

The above books reflect some of the stories and ideas we will incorporate. (I will update with notes about the books after we have read them.)

As an aside, we discuss civil rigts, social justice, peace, acceptance and difference as part of our normal, everyday discussions. While we will set aside tomorrow as a special day, it is more like how we celebrate birthdays- we recognize today as an important celebration, but we love and cherish you everyday but our simple and big gestures.

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