Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UU Homeschooling

For two weeks now, I have been trying to write a positive article about being a homeschooler who also is a Unitarian Universalist and raising her children in this faith, and I am just struggling.

Oh sure, I can name so many benefits to raising our children as UU. I can also make a long list of the benefits of homeschooling but combining them into a coherent paragraph is a daunting task.

I often feel very alone. Not just as a homeschooler, but as a UU homeschooler. While we consider our reasons for homeschooling to be secular (or at least, not linked to religion), they are most assuredly based on beliefs, and values. You can type in Christian Homeschooling and get a thousand results from google for curriculum, type in UU curriculum and you come up with just a few links, notes, and articles.

Does this discourage me? Yes and No. I imagine it would be hard to put together a homeschooling UU curriculum due to the very large number of resources you can use as a UU. My book selection is nearly endless, I can choose from a large variety of religions and writers- in fact, it is almost limitless. Still, there is something unifying about having a shared curriculum. A few of my friends would ask, "oh are you using xyz curriculum?" My general reply is, "no, we are pretty eclectic, we use a variety of resources." Which is true and accurate, but it would be nice to be able to discuss curriculum, and share ideas about what does and doesn't work. It would be nice to say, "oh yes, we love XYZ, you should try it."

Still, knowing there are others who are UU and homeschool, gives me hope, and lets me know I am not alone.

I did find some support groups though-


And an article


  1. Hi
    Do you know about the UU homeschoolers yahoo group?
    It's excellent.

  2. Thank You for reminding me about that group, i subscribed today.