Monday, October 3, 2011

History of the United States:Pennsylvania

We are very fortunate, my husband is attending a conference and we are tagging along, which will allow us to explore the state of Pennsylvania. Often times, when we study the United States, we are looking at the history that is often missing f texts, books and websites. We then begin looking at the history that we are familiar with, and moving onto new information. We do our best to see the whole picture, looking at beliefs, facts, information and sources.

I often struggle with the notion of true/false, right/wrong, fact/fiction when it comes to history. As a UU, I feel our religion helps us to see history in a different context, we try to see the "whole picture" as I mentioned earlier. Though there are some drawbacks, it takes time and energy to search out this information, and while we may do our best to search for truth and meaning, we are human and we will make mistakes.

So, on our adventure, we will document the history of Pennsylvania from various view points. Our first stop is this website Explore

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