Sunday, October 30, 2011

UU Parenting: Celebrating the Mysteries and Wonders of Life

As a parent who is a Unitarian Universalist, I celebrate the mysteries and wonders of life. One of the mysteries to me is the weather. Sure, science can explain it, but when snow shows up on your door step before October is even over, you must recognize the mystery of it.

I am sure you will shocked to know that we WNY/Buffalo people, did not receive snow this weekend but we did get a heavy frost.

As homeschoolers, I am sure you have stopped to gaze at the moon, not the size, color and shape but I imagine what really makes you smile is the shine. The moon shines. It glows, it fills me with awe.

This week we are learning about magnetism, and it has filled my children with many questions (many of which they don't need or want answered), and created in them the sense of wonder of the unknown- what don't we know about magnets.

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