Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Materials, Ideas that are Montessori Inspired

Recently, I took over as the RE Director for my church. My first goal was to create several Montessori themed trays for the children to use during the nursery time. This month, the children explored trays with seashells, animals, and other sea life related items.

Tray 1. Transfer of Materials using Tweezers
The children moved small shells from the ice cube trays onto a silver tray using tweezers.

Tray 2. Seashell Sorting by Size
Small, medium, and large sea shells were placed in a basket. A small laminated mat with the words, small, medium and large. The children could sort the shells by size.

Tray 3. Ocean Animals
Whales, sharks, sea stars and other ocean related animals for the children to explore.

Tray 4. Pictures of Ocean Animals with Labels
This tray had two baskets. One which held pictures of ocean animals and the other held the names of the animals. The children matched the names to the picture.

These ideas could be easily replicated at home. The animal cards can be purchased through science suppliers or Montessori suppliers. The seashells were picked up during a recent trip to the beach. If you don't have shells, ask friends and family if they have any they would be willing to share.

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