Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Material: Painting with Corn Syrup and Other Fun Mediums

Good Monday! This week we will continue our learning with some fun paint mediums.

Corn Syrup painting is pretty easy, you just add a bit of food color to a few of corn syrup and paint on paper. I recommend velum or something like it for painting. Max paper might also work. The paint if dry with a shiny surface.

Natural Dye Painting-
The kids will experiment with natural dyes like beets, blueberry and either fruits/vegetables to make a base dye for painting. We will crush the fruit/herb/veggies and then add a little bit if water and cornstarch to make a finger paint.

Milk Paint

Glitter Paint- Mix glitter into paint and brush onto surface

Try something new with the kids and see how it works, all kids love to paint, so give it a try.

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