Friday, June 3, 2011

The Common Question: No, School Today Girls?

Today is our annual yard sale trek, where we hunt down school items, household goods and any fun toys for the year. This year we have gotten our fair share of, "no school today girls?". After a brief moment, I reply, "no, we homeschool."
Now, most of the time we get positive replies, but today we got many blank stares. I chuckle to myself, since I could ask the same question to the adult, "no work today Lady?", but I don't since 1)it would be snarky and 2)it wouldn't really set the right impression.

Oh well, it isn't that people are trying to be mean, or pry into our life, they are just trying, awkwardly, to make idle conversation while cashing us out. I imagine they secretly wonder how such a normal looking family, could be one of those weird homeschoolers. Never fear, we were weird before we started homeschooling, so if and when we stop, we will still be odd.

In case you are curious to our finds- 1)hour glass, 2)view finder telescope thing, and 3)chapter books

Now, we odd ducks are off to help our church with their yard sale- and no, we actually didn't have school today, we are officially on vacation until July. It is one of the perks of homeschooling.

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