Sunday, February 13, 2011

Standing on the Side of Love, a Valentine Discussion

The UUA,has a public campaign aimed at promoting
"Love’s Power to Stop Oppression." Standing on the Side of Love, reminds us that we can use love to power of voice, so that we can be changemakers.
As such, we will discuss how we can use love in our home, and love outside our home to make positive changes in the lives of children and families. This will be our focus tomorrow and into the coming year. Love begins in the home and extends outward.

On this Valentine's Day, may we love one another and extend our hearts, to include all people and families regardless of sex, religion, and race.

Here is a story you may want to read. We will be reading, Who Ever You Are, by Mem Fox. On her website you can find lots of great information and a whole section titled Peace Files. I will add that I just adore her children's books.

Go forth in peace and have A Happy Day of Love!

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